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Details Form - Screen
Asset Version: 1.0
Last Published: Feb 13, 2019
Field Service applications have majority of forms that are mandatory as part of documentation and record maintenance. Filling these forms again and again for every service request/ job/ journey can be very frustrating for technicians, engineers, and admins. Detail form component automates the forms and can also be configured with pre-fed data, reducing the overhead of filling the same forms again and again. This also gives flexibility to the user to edit the fields as and when needed. The component is a must have for any of your Field service requirement.
  • HCL Volt MX Iris
  • phone
  • desktop
  • android
  • iOS


  • Attached to a drop-down selection: Drop-down selection can be primary key of an array (In JSON formatted array).
  • Component should be able to read token (Which is primary key of the table as in the user profile).
  • Component should be able to select the columns (Content of the user profile) that needs to be displayed in the form.
  • Types: Text
  • All the entries displayed in the form needs to be editable.
  • The form needs to be dynamic, i.e populated based on number of entries passed in the JSON object.

Label of the form shall be configurable from the property es of the component.