Journey Management – Driver

  • Journey Management – Driver - Screen-Thumbnail
  • Journey Management – Driver - Screen-Thumbnail
  • Journey Management – Driver - Screen-Thumbnail
  • Journey Management – Driver - Screen-Thumbnail
  • Journey Management – Driver - Screen-Thumbnail
  • Journey Management – Driver - Screen-Thumbnail
  • Journey Management – Driver - Screen-Thumbnail
Asset Version: 1.0
Last Published: Feb 13, 2019
Field service engineers/technicians travel to far and remote locations to serve the customers for work related duties. The journey sometimes takes longer hours and in such situation safety of Engineers becomes of prime importance for companies.
  • HCL Volt MX Iris
  • phone
  • android
  • iOS

App Features

App Localization: References, Checklists, and Manuals will be displayed based on defined categories to enable App localization. Categories can be: Country, District, Region,… and can be configured as part of User profile

Offline Enabled: App will display the route and help User track his journey even in areas with low/no network connectivity

Push Notifications: Driver can notify supervisor/ Tracking admin using status notifications throughout the journey. Escalation module takes care of handling escalations in case of any incident/ unforeseen situations.

Navigation & Route via Google Maps: Driver can view his route on In-App navigation and route support via native Google maps.

CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) for journeys: Driver has complete control over his Journeys: From creation to deletion. Driver can also replicate his past journey by copying details from one of his past journeys.

Region Based Route Definition: App will provide flexibility to fetch pre-defined destination/ arrival/ check-points from either ESRI dataset or Google Maps dataset based on pre-defined categories.

Select Departure /Arrival Point & Date-time

  1. Driver can enter departure and arrival locations:
    • Locations can be fetched from pre-defined dataset or
    • Driver can search for Lat/Long coordinates or
    • Driver can press on the location in the Map to fetch the address or
    • Driver can search for a location string in the search box
  2. Driver can enter the departure time and expected Arrival time (Departure & Arrival time can be modified before starting the journey)
  3. Intermediate check-ins or pitstops: These can be either based on pre-defined locations (Or GPS coordinates) or can be time/duration based.

Offline Check-in: When driver reaches destination / intermediate stop, and if the driver is offline, he will be prompted via push notification and pop-up on the App to check-in manually by calling supervisor / Tracking office. Supervisor/ Tracking admin can check-in and change the status of Journey from Admin console then.

Pre-Journey Checklist: Driver needs to fill pre-journey checklist (Configurable) before commencing a journey.

Automated Check-in Notifications: App keeps track of the device & Journey time and notifies (Push Notification/ SMS) driver for check-in times via automated push notifications and In-App Popups

Visit Verification: GPS is tracked to verify check-in at the Destination location (Via pre-defined proximity)

Incident Reporting: A simple CTA for user to report any Incident encountered during the journey

Configurable Escalation Process: App will track the Expected Arrival time and prompt user in case of any delays. The escalation process is configurable