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Last Published: Aug 16, 2019
The Login component provides key front end capabilities typically used in a mobile apps login page. The module provides typical functionalities such as enforcing a minimum password length, minimum user ID length, local password encryption via the component properties directly within Visualizer. The component also provides a typical login UI that includes connectivity to Facebook, Office365, LinkedIn and Touch ID providing a quick login asset for use within apps the require authentication.
  • HCL Volt MX Iris
  • HCL Volt MX Foundry
  • phone
  • desktop
  • android
  • iOS






  • Ready-to-use login form/screen for mobile apps
  • Ability to authenticate with Facebook, LinkedIn, and Office365 credentials
  • Ability to authenticate with fingerprint
  • Facility to customize every UI element
  • Easy connect to custom identity services


  • Kony Visualizer v8
  • Kony Fabric v8